Staircases can be a great aspect to your home and enhance it effectively when designed and placed well, they are the transport to your second floor so should be a great centrepiece. You can actually create stairs that will reach your goals, whether your home goals be to create more light or space in your home. Here are some staircases that we are enjoying not only making but seeing.

Spiral Staircases

We have created spiral staircases before and these can be done in a range of materials. Spiral staircases help create more space in the home by limiting the amount of space your stairs use. Spiral staircases can be easily accessible too, helping open up ideas of staircase placements. They are great for smaller homes while giving that luxurious and classic feel throughout. 


One popular staircase style that we have created for a range of clients are glass staircases. Glass staircases are a trend that is becoming more frequently used. Not only do glass stairs bring more light into the home but also look modern and sleek while doing so. Glass stairs are great if you are wanting to modernise your home or want something that will go with most themes.

Contrasting timber/wood

Mixed wood can be used throughout a home with the thought being put on how the look of the wood will affect the temperature. If you need more warmth throughout your home then go for a warmer wood, or if you want a cooler colour to go with the style go for a cooler colour. White mixed with oak is a trend that fits perfectly within most homes and can give it that modern edge. Sometimes all your stairs need it a bit of a revamp, just like this case study.


Whether you decide to have full carpeted stairs or a carpeted runner-up your stairs both are great with giving that comfortable homely feel. Carpet is something that doesn’t really date. You can choose the carpet colours to match the style of your home. Carpet is something that can easily be changed if you wanted to change the style of your home. Carpeted runners are wonderful at highlighting the beautiful woodwork of your stairs while still having the homely feel throughout.

Do you have ideas on stairs that you want within your home? Or want some help deciding what stairs to create in your home, whatever your goal is we can help. Why not contact us and make those perfect touches to your stairs and home.

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