The Brief

For this staircase project our customers wanted us to incorporate glass as its risers to give the staircase a light and sleek finish. The other key objective they asked for was to also have as little to no newel posts as possible. This was because the balustrading would comprise of thick, laminated glass, which would not only act as the balustrade but the handrail as well.

This staircase was to be a “supply only” project meaning our customers wanted to undertake the fitting element themselves.

Action taken

Once the important site measurements had been taken and all fine details discussed we started machining components and began making the stairs. The glass risers were carefully thought out as unfortunately unlike wood we can’t cut, plane or alter toughened glass. So, what our customers planned for and ordered was what they were going to get!

Once the stairs were made, we dry assembled it at our workshops and invited our customers round to have a look and thankfully they loved it!


Even though this was a supply only project we wanted to get some of the most complex bits assembled on the day we delivered the staircase. As it only took us a few hours, it meant the people that crafted it at the workshops could quickly undertake the hardest bits leaving the straighter forward fitting process to our customers.

Thankfully come the end of the day we received a call saying “It fits and looks amazing”. Just the kind of call we enjoy taking!

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