The Brief 

For this project, our returning clients wanted a bespoke piece of furniture that fitted perfectly in their new kitchen/dining room.

There wasn’t anything mass-produced that would work in the space they needed filling, so they called in our team to craft something that would fit and look just right for what they desired!

Action Taken 

The client had already put a lot of effort into designing the sideboard and had provided some nice sketches for us to work off. 

To begin with, the team made a couple of samples to show them, which they loved!

Once everything had been agreed, it was time for the exciting part…making the furniture.


Once we had built everything at our workshops, it was time to spray paint the bespoke sideboard and get the Oak ready for delivery with a layer of clear coated paint.

The finished Oak sideboard looked incredible! It perfectly matched the interiors of the space and our clients were left extremely pleased. All that was left to do was fit the handles to the doors and drawers.

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