Bespoke Oak & Glass Staircase & Oak Window Boards

Transforming an old staircase into a new bespoke oak & glass design & 3 bespoke oak window boards for the kitchen

The Brief:

This was an enquiry that came through the website from some customers who had a painted softwood staircase with painted softwood spindles, they wanted to have a Oak and glass staircase to go with the theme of the rest of their home which was all done and refurbished so it was just the stairs to be finished.

We were also asked to make three Oak window boards for the kitchen windows


Action taken:

The final decision on the staircase was to cover/clad the original softwood staircase in Oak to give the impression it was a brand new solid Oak stair; this was done for two very good reasons – one being budget and the other being the fact their existing stair was built well and was still sturdy and structurally sound.

We had done similar things in the past but not on this scale so this was a rather interesting project and we had got the job over some local companies specialising in this type of work so we had our work cut out to show JLA Joinery was the right choice.



Unlike our staircases made from scratch at the workshops this one was mainly all site work, apart from machining some of the timber needed. Once we had ripped out the old handrails, spindles and newel posts it was time to start piecing the oak on like a large jigsaw puzzle.

The finished Staircase looked lovely! You couldn’t find a single joint and to even the most experienced eye it looked for all the world like a brand new solid oak stair – the customers were overjoyed with it as their entrance hall now contained a new oak staircase with glass balustrading all round for a significantly cheaper price tag.


The Window boards finished off the kitchen nicely as it added that Oak touch/theme which ran through the entire home, the customers wanted them with a rough and uneven edge (we call this waney edged planks/boards) this means the wood from the sawmill still has the bark left on the edge.

We needed to sand the waney edge of the plank a lot to make it smooth and free of splinters, once this was done it had a coat of clear protective sealer just as the stairs did.


Materials Used

  • Oak

JLA joinery did a fantastic job refurbishing our staircase and we’re really pleased with the finished result. Jim & James were really helpful and listened to what we were looking to achieve, making suggestions to get the best look.
They were neat and tidy, clearly took pride in the work and we were kept informed of timescales all the way. Would definitely recommend JLA for excellent quality of work and real skilled craftsmanship.”

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