Refurbing an Exquisite Oak and Glass Staircase

The Brief:

What a wonderful job this was, refurbing and Oak and Glass Staircase. This job was what we call a stair refurb or renovation. The meaning of this? Leaving the main structural part of the staircase in place and simply cladding/boxing in the old newels and other painted faces with solid Oak. This makes the finished article look like a beautiful brand-new hardwood stair but for a lot less money. This becomes a great idea if you want a brand-new looking staircase but can’t or don’t want to stretch that far.

Action taken:

After confirming and envisioning the exact look the customers were after we could then set about getting all the components made at the workshops by our skilled joinery team. This helps to minimise work on site.

We then went on to fit all of the Oak components. Once this was done our next step was to create a template for the glass – we template in cheap MDF for two reasons, one to show the customer exactly where the glass will be going but secondly to make sure we get the expensive glass perfect first-time round and the project doesn’t endure any unneeded mistakes or costs.


The finished staircase definitely achieved all of the goals the customers had, the main one being, to let more light through the upstairs and downstairs hallways. Light helps open up a room making it look more spacious.

The curved bottom step referred to as a Bullnose, definitely helped to create that comfortable feel when first walking up the stairs, and it enhanced the staircase even further.

Jim, James and all the team at JLA joinery were extremely easy to work with and very accommodating. Their skill and attention to detail ensured an excellent finished and fantastic looking staircase. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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