Built in Dresser - Bosham, West Sussex

The Brief:

We create a lot of staircases and front doors, one that we love creating and don’t show enough of is interior storage. Our beautiful interior storage items are bespoke built to fit the home and space as well as style of the customer.

The job shown was to make use of the limited space provided and create a beautiful storage item/dresser for the customer’s house. They were unable to find any freestanding pieces of furniture to fit so came to us for a tailored built piece.

Action taken:

We discussed many different design options with the customers, they provided some pictures of items they liked from magazines and online. We always see the importance of not only showing ideas and inspiration to customers but also to gain a good insight into what they want and like. After having a great idea on what the customer wanted we went about collating everything to give them a bespoke dresser to fit the space provided whilst being able to provide storage for some of their cutlery and china.


Once the dresser had been made at our workshops we then went to the site and fitted it, after securing the dresser to the walls we then infilled around the edges of the dresser to give it that truly built-in look that the customer was looking for.

We also fitted all the glass shelves and glass doors once the decorator had finished his bit, the glass looked rather good especially as we fitted a small LED light strip in the top of the unit to shine down through the glass shelves to give it that extra luxurious feel.

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‘We are delighted with the work from JLA. The fitted unit looks part of the room and you took us through the decision-making process delicately and efficiently.’

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