The Brief

This was another lovely job for an existing customer who was carrying out a whole home renovation. The staircase needed to pack the wow factor, especially as it was situated in the dining room, where everyone would be sitting and admiring it! It needed to become the centrepiece of the room. 

Action taken

Once the steelwork had been calculated, ordered and fitted we then went about getting the oak treads, which were made at our workshops. The customer had requested the treads to be jointed in a certain way, this was so you would be able to see certain joints and the grain direction in the wood. A unique look indeed.

We initially made some MDF mock-ups to help the customers see what it would look like as with anything stair related it’s rather hard to picture the end look. However, they loved it!


We needed to work closely with the electrician on site as we had to make provision for some LED strip lights in the underside of the treads. This meant grooving the underside of the tread and pre-fitting a metal channel with a clip-on light diffuser.

The finished staircase looked lovely. At night time, it really is something special with the lights on!

We also did this customer’s porch and front door, so take a look at that renovation here. 

Keep an eye out for more projects relating to this house!

Jim and the JLA crew are skilled craftsmen of the carpentry trade. They have added a premium finish to a number of areas in our 2-year renovation of our family home and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for fine woodwork projects in their own homes.

We have engaged with Jim and more recently his son James on our very large front door and ‘statement piece’ porch which has added a lot of kerb appeal. We then had the team create a number of smaller-but-no-less-important pieces including the oak window sills, breakfast bar, oak beams and office desk.

We had a clear vision in mind as to what we wanted from the team and I was probably a demanding customer at times! However nothing seemed too much trouble for Jim and it was an enjoyable experience working with the JLA team to ensure the finished products matched our expectations.

Thoroughly recommend.

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