The Brief 

We were contacted by an existing customer who wanted to change their UPVC front door to a feature solid oak one. Not just that, the client wanted a stable door which would allow fresh air to come in, whilst keeping the dog out. Whilst our team was there measuring up for the front door, we got chatting about the porch, and the customer decided they rather liked the idea of a new solid oak one – and just like that, we suddenly had a lot of work to do!

Action taken

We set to work building the stable door and its frame at our workshops, whilst the work on-site was getting well underway. The plan was to finish the porch work whilst the old front door was in place, so we weren’t working over the new front door. This is not always an option, but in this case, it worked perfectly.

Once the porch work was complete, we could take the old door out and fit the new one on the same day to ensure the property was secure. This also reduced any inconvenience to the client.


The finished porch and door combination certainly gives the frontage of the property the wow factor! With the amount of glazing in the door and frame, along with the fact it’s a stable door, it means a lot of light and fresh air can come through under the porch into the entrance hall.

Check out this amazing drone video from this project, produced by Maxwell Media:

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