Little Street Centre Chichester

The Brief:

We had our customer Little Street return for another project. The new project would entail making another batch of toys for the new Little Street Centre that will be opening in Chichester on the 28th July 2018. For this centre we were asked to design and produce a new item, this being a tractor.

Action taken:

Due to being so pleased with the previous project, we worked on with the customer they asked for a repeat order on most of the furniture created previously. The previous furniture was made for the last centres and included items such as a supermarket checkout and L shaped unit with a fridge door. The new part of the project was to create a new centrepiece, a large tractor. For this centrepiece, we did our research by looking at various toy tractors online and even some real ones too. We then set about designing our very own bespoke JLA Joinery tractor. To make this piece stand out this included us getting some real tractor tires and having a bespoke steel exhaust made to give it that personalisation and JLA touch.


The outcome was some beautiful play furniture being made and fully painted by the team in record time as we are certainly getting the hang of these items now!

For the tractor JLA thought we would go with the real paint they use for the John Deere tractors – the finished article looks great and I’m sure the kids will really enjoy all the toys and play furniture for many years to come… bring on the next centre!

We have worked with JLA joinery on many Little Street projects, the most recent being our 4th venue in Chichester. As well as recreating the bespoke post boxes and many other items for the play centre, James designed and built a fabulous tractor, a first for our role play towns. The quality is superb and the children love it. As always, the team at JLA were professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Little Street Chichester

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