The Brief 

We were contacted by a local Selsey-based builder, Robbie Walker, who was undertaking a full house renovation for his customers. He recommended us to his customers for their new staircase and balcony, as we had worked on previous projects with him. We were incredibly grateful for the opportunity, of course!

Action taken

As with all our projects, we started by getting accurate measurements on-site and running through designs and ideas with the customers, until we agreed on specifications.

We ordered all the needed materials and began the manufacturing process in our workshop. We were fortunate to only be a five-minute drive from the site, so we could double-check things easily, which isn’t always a luxury we’re afforded!


Once the staircase was ready to leave our workshop and we had all the balcony components to hand, we went to the site to begin the installation process.

The finished balcony and staircase look lovely and this remains one of our favourite projects. The house renovation was a success and the work all got the seal of approval by the local building inspectors.

Job done!

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