The Brief 

We were recently contacted by a local company who had the main staircase in its offices damaged by a falling vending machine. Unfortunately, the vending machine broke wooden spindles, newel posts and some of the stair treads. It was a nightmare for the company!

However, coincidentally, they were looking to refresh and upgrade the look of their office stairs anyway, so panic aside, it was fate. Due to the critical damage to the stairs, the time had come to completely transform the look and feel of the office, with a brand new main staircase.

Action taken 

Once the designs had been finalised and dates had been arranged to carry out the work, we had to go to the office and create a safe working environment. The offices would still be in use whilst we carried out the work so it was vital the area was safe. This meant putting safety barriers and notices up and arranging other available routes for employees to get to the upstairs offices.

Once the office had been made safe and secure, we started work on the stairs. We removed all the spindles and replaced the wooden handrails with stainless-steel, plus we had to extend every newel post to allow for the handrail to be fitted at the UK legal height as the previous wooden handrails were below regulations.


The finished staircase looked very sleek and was safe to use once more, especially with the handrails conforming to current building regulations. We were really pleased with the stainless-steel handrails that went well with the stainless-steel glass brackets used to hold the glass in place on the stairs and landing. 

The final job was down to the decorators and decal suppliers as once the stairs were decorated the entrance lobby got some new company branding. Overall, the staircase was a success and became the main feature of the office!

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