The Brief 

For this project, we were asked by the customer to just not one feature oak front door, but three Oak doors for all the external doorways at their home! They had old softwood doors which were deteriorating quickly and weren’t double-glazed meaning the home was losing heat.

We first measured all the brick openings on the home then got back to our workshops to draw full-scale mock-ups on MDF sheets, this makes it very easy for the customers and ourselves to see the size of various sections of the door and make adjustments to the design in pen and pencil before we start machining timber.

Action taken

Once all designs and sizes had been agreed upon and finalised we began machining all the European oak needed and then set about the making.

Once each door and frame were made we got the door hinged and swinging in the frame at our workshops at which point we invite the customers to the workshop to view their door and position the handles, locks and latches.


Once each of the three doors were ready to install, we liaised with the customers, as well as kept an eye on the weather, to agree upon a day to install each one.

We always have the old door removed and the new one installed within one day for security reasons. We often head back the day after to carry out any sealing and trimming around the door to ensure a neat and weathertight install.

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