The Brief

This cedar balcony was just one of the joinery jobs completed on a new build property located in Wittering, alongside local developers Grey Tree Developments. It’s always a pleasure working with their team as their sites are always well managed, not to mention nearly all along the coast, which means we have some great views whilst working! 

Balconies are a great way to add value to your home, not to mention the feature instantly upgrades the overall exterior of the property but it also provides an enjoyable view…especially along the coast! 

Action Taken

Being a bespoke feature, we ensured frequent communication was had with the developer and the clients to ensure everyone’s visions and ideas were brought to life. 

In order to minimise work time-on-site…and getting caught out in the British weather, we machined and assembled as much of the balcony at our workshops as we could. 


The finished balcony looked lovely on the back of the newly built property, the proportions and style worked together harmoniously and gave our clients the perfect view over the English channel. The balcony also provided a lovely shaded area underneath the balcony, ideal for escaping the summer sun when it finally arrives!

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