Carpeted Stair with Oak Balustrade

The Brief:

A client approached us to create a carpeted stair and oak balustrade for them. This staircase and landing were to be placed in a large property renovation, there was plenty of room on this particular stair project which is always a good starting point. We usually work with limited spacing on projects, but not for this one! Both are great to work with and exciting challenges. We get to put our beautiful designs and skilled work in a range of projects.

Action taken:

We started with taking measurements, this can sometimes prove difficult. The difficulty being that because it is often at the early stages of a customers project we arrive when the builders are ripping up old floor or fitting new ones. For obvious reasons floor levels are crucial for accurate, well-fitting stairs, and we pride ourselves in these accurate details.

Once measurement and the final details had been finalised with the customers, we commenced construction at our workshops.

This staircase was large and featured an enormous bottom three steps, this was no problem as the customer had lots of room in which to work the stair into. Even though this stair and landings were large it was a fairly economical stair in regard to it being carpeted and painted strings, this meant the majority of material costs were the Oak newel posts, handrails and spindles.


The finished project looked lovely, even though the staircase didn’t feature any glass which seems to be the trend at this current time it still gave off a nice clean and bright feel to the entrance halls and the large bottom steps looked good in the space provided and really set it apart from the usually carpeted staircase. It shows that you can create modern staircases using beautiful oak as the main material.

Have you got a project in mind or have you been inspired by this one and want a chat? Feel free to contact us.

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