Grade 2 Listed Property

Bespoke Windows and Door Frames

We worked on a Grade 2 Listed property to design and construct bespoke joinery fittings, tailored to the fit the style of the building.

The Brief:

Grade 2 listed properties have a national importance, so it’s essential that any work carried out on them is done with great care and attention to detail. Our customer had recently purchased a Grade 2 listed property which they were in the process of renovating. They contacted us looking to replace their existing window and door frames, which were falling apart.

Action taken:

Due to the significance of the building, it was important to both the customer and ourselves that the design chosen kept in with the age and the style of the property. Together, we decided to sit down and have a discussion with a member of the council to discuss our ideas and expectations before agreeing on the final design.

As the existing windows and doors were falling apart, there were not any original frames to copy, this project was entirely bespoke. We decided to construct the windows and doors using brand new solid oak. The customer wanted the windows and doors to fit in with the style of the rest of the house, so they were left unfinished. The purpose of this was so that on the outside, the water and elements would age and dull the wood but on the inside, it would remain a nice, plain oak. We advised them that without a protective finish, the windows and door frames would naturally twist, swell up and dry out. It was then agreed that we would come back 6 months after the initial install to check over our work and make any necessary adjustments needed to ensure our customers were happy with the final result.


After our 6 month visit, our customers informed us they had had no issues with our work and they were still delighted with their products made by JLA Joinery. They were happy to have found a company who had experience in dealing with older properties and that met their exact requirements. Given that this project was over 8 years ago, we still keep in touch with the customer and have done further work on their property since. Overall, the whole project has been a great success.

Materials Used

  • Oak
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