The Brief

For this project, our clients were looking for a staircase that was more in keeping with the theme and age of the home. Additionally, they also required a staircase with wider and safer treads to make using the stairs a safer and more comfortable experience. 

Action Taken

Once both the designs and samples were finalised, we set about machining and assembling the staircase fully at our workshops. After we had made all the small tweaks, we then headed to the clients home and began removing the old staircase, before fitting the new one. The staircase they currently had in their home, didn’t meet current building regulations for many reasons; therefore it was important for us to give them a safe and legal staircase as soon as we could! 


It’s not often we remove glass balustrading to then fit spindles, but on this occasion, that’s exactly what we did! It was a great decision, especially in terms of design, the old staircase didn’t fit well within the home, so a refresh was needed! 

The finished, decorated staircase and landing looked fabulous! Our clients even said that all their guests to the house have commented on how lovely it looks. But not only this, most importantly they’ve all said how well it suits the home and the space that it’s in!  

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