Staircase Renovation Rustington

The Brief

A stair refurbishment is a very popular and sensible choice, especially if structurally the existing staircase is in good condition and complies with building regulations. A refurbishment can also save you a lot of time and money in comparison to starting from scratch with a brand-new staircase. 

Action taken

The first stages of a stair refurb are mainly done at our workshops. We usually invite the customer to our workshops, so they can choose a particular material and style from a wide range of samples. A stair refurb consists of many parts, which is why we offer samples, as it would simply be impossible to visualise all the components needed and how they look together as the finishing product. 


This fitted staircase not only looked fantastic but fitted perfectly in the customers freshly refurbished home. The bespoke angled-top door added to the underside of the stair was also a great addition, which created additional storage. 

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