Oak front door & porch, Chertsey

The Brief:

This project involves an oak front door and porch. It is amazing how much a front door can change a property’s look. The front door is the inviting aspect of the home and a much-used element. We understand that when wanting a front door, it needs to be versatile for all weather and constant use as well as beautiful. A customer approached us with the objective of replacing the plastic fake timber front door and fitting a real solid Oak front door with a similar matching porch.

Action taken:

We initially started with the measurement for the new front door and established a design the customers had in mind. Perfecting the measurement is important when creating pieces as we create all of our pieces bespoke. After the initial designs, we then set about measuring up for the porch as well, which was much needed as the customers wanted an area that they were able to shelter from the rain with the children, dogs and shopping. It can always be a bit of hassle coming in and out of the house, the porch would make it that bit easier.


As usual, our skilled team made everything we could in our workshops to make things easier for us to fit but to also reduce the time we are on site. Our aim was to give the customers a new door in one day for obvious security reasons, a clear objective we always have when fitting front doors.

The porch roof was fibreglass/GRP covered at our workshops by ourselves which is an excellent way to waterproof any external structure that will give many years of maintenance-free operation.

The roof combined with solid Oak support posts and the underside of the roof clad in solid Oak boards really tied in nicely with the beautiful new front door. The customer was happy with the end project which reached everything that they asked for in a front door and porch.

Do you have a similar project in mind? We’d be happy to help.

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