The Brief 

This staircase renovation was for return customers of ours, which always makes a project special. We previously carried out some bespoke oak furniture for them in their living room and just before we left following the completion of the furniture, they asked us what could be done with the staircase to update it all and incorporate oak and glass. This began the process of their new staircase.

The customer wanted all of the existing staircase timber to look like solid oak and the balustrade to be glass to let the light transfer nicely through the hallway.

Action taken

We started by stripping out all the old unnecessary timber so we could then measure up for new oak parts. We also gained access to the underside of the stairs to strengthen it and sort the squeaks out by glueing reinforcement timbers in underneath.

Once the woodwork elements were all complete – including the new oak handrail being fitted – we could then start templating for the glass balustrade. Instead of large solid pieces of toughened glass as normal the customers wanted the glass broken up into smaller sections/strips.


The finished staircase looked lovely after its renovation, with new carpets fitted and everything decorated it really looked the part. We’re really pleased with the finished product and, most importantly, the client is too.

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