Iroko Gates Chichester

The Brief:

For this project, the goal was to replace the customer’s aged gates with an identical looking set in regard to the shape and style but as for the colour, the plan was to leave it natural looking. We offer beautiful woods from hardwoods and softwoods and had a range for our client to look and choose from.

Action taken:

So, we first showed the customer some of the samples in our workshop’s of our range of various timbers we also showed how each one would react to being outside and having different finishes applied. We see the importance in showing our client aspects like this so that they really know what they will be getting and so they are able to choose the perfect material for their home or exterior and match it to their exact wants and needs.

It was decided that Iroko – a hardwood we offer should be used as it has a high natural oil content which naturally keeps the wood from being affected by water as well as rotting or moving motions (when the gates would be opened and shut).

It is common to see garden furniture made from the Iroko hardwood as it just does so well out in the different weather that we may have, not only is it sturdy, but it stands well through rain, wind, sun, cold and heat.


Once the gates had been made by our skilled team in our workshops, we could then head over to the customers and get the new ones fitted.

We made sure the old ones came off and the new ones went on in one day for obvious security and privacy reasons, we did go back the second day to finish any little bits off and make sure the customer was happy – the job was a success, the customer was delighted and is in the process of ordering another small gate for the end of the garden.

Feel free to contact us if you have an idea of some joinery you would like created for your home.

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