Built In Bespoke Bookcase & Shelving

A returning customer In need of a bespoke bookcase/shelving for their many books

The Brief:

This was a returning customer to JLA as we first provided them with some of the windows and doors elsewhere on the property.

This job was to make some shelving for some of the customers many books.


Action taken:

We first went to site and measured the space we had to work with and made sure the shelving was spaced equally and far enough apart to ensure the customer had sufficient room to place all his books whilst keeping every gap even in size.

We made the shelving structure at the workshop and gave it a coat of white primer in preparation for the customer’s decorator who was booked in after we had finished.

The bookcase was made from thick MDF as this was not only cost effective and best suited to a paint finish but the extra thick sheets specified by the customer made the whole structure very sturdy.



The finished painted shelving unit fitted the end of the room well and left enough room on the left of the photos for the wardrobe doors to open.

The thicker than normal MDF we used not only gave a super strong structure ensuring that even full of books the shelves wouldn’t sag it also matched the style of the wardrobes adjacent to the shelves which were also this chunky style.

Materials Used

  • mdf

This sturdy, good-looking bookcase is just the latest creation from JLA whose small but dynamic team have provided a wonderfully attentive service in meeting all our joinery needs over time – from doors and windows through to wardrobe infills and carport closures. We’ll be back for more.

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