The Brief 

For this brand-new home, the customers wanted a statement staircase – something that looked really impressive, as it was quite literally in the centre of the home, situated in the same room as the dining area and kitchen. We visited the site several times during the construction of the home to check on the progress but mainly to gather the accurate sizes needed when manufacturing a staircase.

Action taken

The stair layout was straightforward, with no turns or landings, just a straight flight. It was long and this meant it needed some support to stop it from bending and bouncing under its own weight and when in use. As the customer wanted minimal amounts of newel posts, we decided to fit a strip of steel into the entire length of the stair string, which would greatly strengthen the stair and add much-needed rigidity to the outer stair string.

The customers wanted maximum light transfer through the stairs, so open risers were chosen plus a glass balustrade, but to add some more light we worked with the electrician on site and fitted LED light strips under the nosings of all the stair treads – to really add the WOW factor after sunset!


The finished staircase looked lovely. The ash was coated in Osmo clear satin oil, which offers great protection but also makes the grain in the timber stand out beautifully.

The carpeting upstairs and soft downlighting provided by the LED strips all worked together to make this staircase look and feel great within this lovely new family home.

A big shout-out goes to the following companies who assisted with this project:

Southern Fabrication Sussex
English Woodlands Timber
Osmo Oil


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