The Brief 

We were delighted to secure this project through a recommendation and working alongside Construct 10 on previous projects. Construct 10 is a Chichester-based construction company specialising in large and prestigious developments.

The task was to create a very large feature staircase that immediately had the wow factor when entering the front door. The look the customers wanted was a paint-finish staircase construction featuring open/cut strings, a carpeted runner, and a continuous oak handrail with no newel posts, meaning that the handrail got its strength and support from the solid steel spindles.

Action taken

Once the building project progressed enough that we could get accurate measurements, we visited the site and began carefully measuring and marking out the staircase, making sure we planned for all the different aspects of this job and ensured a seamless installation and perfect finished product.

Once measurements had been taken and finalised, we could begin construction in our workshops. The size and weight of this staircase meant we built the two straight flights and two landings separately to one another to then join them all together on site in place.


Once the staircase was installed, we could then set about installing the powder coated steel spindles which needed to be placed very accurately ensuring accurate spacings as well as being positioned to accept the pak handrail on top.

Once the spindles and handrails were installed it was then over to the in-house decorators of Construct 10 and the carpet company, Chris Marley Carpets & Flooring.

Check out this amazing drone video from this project, produced by Maxwell Media:

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