The Brief

Our returning client was in need of a large statement front door to complement their newly refurbished home, which not only looked impressive but also proportionate to the new porch and frontage of the house. It was also important to our client, that the door let in as much light as possible into the entrance hall.

Action Taken

Once measurements had been taken and the final design details decided upon, we drew out a one-to-one scale drawing of the front door and frame. Our clients then visited our workshops to take a look and make any final changes to the layout and design.

Once the door and the frame had been made, we were then able to get it hinged and the locks fitted in our workshops.


The door needed to have a black protective finish whilst still showing a little wood grain. We chose Sapele which is a cheaper hardwood perfectly suited to a dark stain or paint, for cost reasons and for its durability.

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