The Brief

For this project we were approached by NVT Construction & Yeates Design LLP, to make and fit a bespoke oak and glass staircase.

One of the key objectives was to incorporate the homeowners’ new oak flooring into the staircase design so we suggested using the oak flooring as the tread and riser material. 

What we didn’t realise until investigating was the nosings for the stair treads were also available off the shelf from Havwoods UK, the oak flooring supplier. This now meant that everything could match!

Action Taken

The first job we did was to take the rather thin oak flooring the homeowners had and strengthen it up to use as stair treads. This meant laminating the flooring planks to structural grade plywood to create a strong foundation.

Once we had completed making the strong laminated stair treads, we then glued the nosings to the front of the planks and began to mark out and router the strings. The strings were then painted to give a nice contrast to the oak treads & risers, plus it meant the oak flooring and glass will take centre stage once the job is complete and fitted.

The staircase was fitted on site but unlike a lot of staircases and landings, this one didn’t have any newel posts. The customer didn’t want to clutter the stair project with too much timber and they wanted the glass to be a structural as well as visual element.

We used 17.5mm toughened and laminated safety glass which gives it the strength to not only support itself but also withstand any forces applied through regular domestic use, thus satisfying building regulations and the local building control office.


The finished staircase looks lovely, bright and airy. The Havwoods flooring used on the staircase, as well as the rest of the home, worked so well together to keep the theme flowing throughout.

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