Large Iroko Gates

The Brief

This returning customer of ours requested a large pair of Iroko entrance gates to be built and installed for their new driveway. The gates needed to be large enough to span the enormous width between the brick that formed the entrance. Hardwood Iroko was chosen due to its excellent reputation in resisting against anything the British weather could possibly throw at it, ensuring it would stand the test of time. 

Action Taken

Firstly, we met with the customers to get a good understanding of how they wanted the gates to look. Once this had been decided we then measured up the driveway and headed back to the workshop to begin the manufacturing process. 

The size of the gates proved to be a slight challenge in the workshops, as each gate took up nearly two full workbenches. Due to the width of the gate we ensured there was plenty of bracing within the construction process, so that over time the gates didn’t start to drop or sag. 


Iroko was an excellent choice of material for this project. As well as being known for its exterior applications in joinery, it also looks very aesthetically pleasing, with a variation of colour and grain detail. This hardwood also contains natural oils which repel water from soaking in, preventing the gates from rotting. Once Iroko has had time to weather, it is highly recommended that a coat of clear protective oil is applied to help the timber last a lifetime. 

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