Little Street Woking

Custom Made Wooden Toys

Responding to children’s love of role play, Little Street is a play centre designed around a real life town. We supplied their new Woking centre with custom made wooden toys.

Responding to children’s love of role play, Little Street is an award winning scaled down play centre designed around a real life town. It’s a little world for big imaginations, a place where children can go to have fun and learn through role play. The centre includes a doctor’s surgery, police station, post box, supermarket and train station.

The Brief:

With their second Maidstone centre well established and doing well, Little Street decided to open a third centre in West Byfleet, Woking. We were asked to duplicate some of the custom made wooden toys items we first made for the Maidstone centre.

Action taken:

We stuck to our designs and drawings we had from the first centre but as the train was a new addition we had to discuss and plan it with Little Street from the ground up. Together we sought inspiration from some pictures online and in some magazines, then set about putting the JLA twist on it.

There was one slight detail we had to factor in when building the train – it was so large it didn’t fit through the door of the centre! It wasn’t a major issue but just meant a little travelling back and forth to do the painting, and we had to dry assemble it at the workshop then dismantle it, transport it and re-assemble and glue it together at the centre.


As with the first project it was a pleasure to be part of. The centre is now open and has received some incredible feedback “Beautifully done. The attention to detail is superb; not just the play areas, but the cleanliness and layout. Will be coming back.”

In all, we delivered the following items to complete the centre:

1 x doctors chair

1 x fruit and veg display

1 x refrigeration unit

1 x supermarket checkout

1 x large semi oval post box

4 x small letter boxes

1 x large train and carriage


Having worked with JLA Joinery on a previous project in Maidstone, we engaged their services to create some custom made wooden toys for our play centre in West Byfleet, this time designing and building a spectacular train. Once again their service was fantastic, and the team were a joy to work with. As well as listening to our initial requirements, they continued to engage throughout the process to ensure that every detail was as we wanted. Thanks JLA for another great project.

Little Street

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