The Brief

Glass is the ideal material that can bring that natural element into the home or interiors, reflecting and bringing in light whilst making the surrounding space seem more comfortable and helping to make your home look larger and more open plan. 

This staircase refurbishment was a slightly smaller job than usual as a lot of work had already been completed. Unfortunately – the customers had been let down by their previous joiners, therefore we were called in to check over the refurb and complete any finishing touches. 

Action Taken

We started off my carefully looking over the existing staircase to ensure that what was already there was strong and resilient enough. The stairs were solid and well fitted, leaving us to focus on giving the customers a finished landing balustrade and handrails up the stairs. 

Ensuring the handrail was wooden was an important factor for our client as they were against and metal materials being used. 


The finished staircase and landing turned out exactly how the customers had wanted in the first place. 

We really enjoyed this job as it was a welcomed change from our usual and great to show that we don’t only undertake large jobs! 

As glass in interiors continues to grow in popularity, get in contact today to see how we can help incorporate it into your home.

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