Bespoke Reclaimed Oak Staircase

Constructed for Grade 2 Listed Property

The Brief:

One of our regular customers came to us in need of a bespoke staircase for their Grade 2 Listed property located in Rogate, West Sussex. With the property being over 200 years old, it was essential to ourselves and our customers that the staircase complemented the style of the interior.

Action taken:

Upon a discussion with the customer, we established what they had in mind for their new staircase. The age and style of the building was the central focus and this is what we would base the style of our joinery design around.

To begin the project, we specially selected and sourced some reclaimed old oak, which had originally come from France, to use as our material for the construction. Once we had confirmed that the customer was happy with the timber chosen, we began the design process, working closely with the customer along the way to ensure it hit the brief.

The material was not the easiest to work with. We could not sand or level any of the timber flat or straight as this would have ruined the natural appearance of it. This meant that we had to work with the wood in the shapes and sizes it came from the reclamation yard to produce the staircase. But this gave it the authentic and rustic feel that makes it so unique.

Once we had completed the building process, we left the staircase in its raw wood form. This allowed it to continue to age with usage and it also showed off the antique appearance of the natural wood.


This bespoke staircase was just one of many items of joinery we produced for this Grade 2 Listed Property and our customers were glad they had put their trust in JLA Joinery once again to create their perfect staircase. They were satisfied and happy with the finished product and the way it looked as though it had been there for hundreds of years.

Materials Used

  • Oak
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