The Brief 

This particular home was undergoing some fairly extensive refurbishment work, from a new kitchen to landscaping and building works, but the first thing you were greeted by when entering the front door was the staircase – and this one was a dated, plain-looking, with really not much going for it.

Our job was to turn this staircase into one with a hardwood finish that the owners could be proud of – with a piece of glass for the balustrade, with some matching hardwood storage under the stair.

Action taken

After the initial site meeting to discuss the details and take accurate measurements, we could then begin making all the components and furniture at our workshops, ready to take to the site.

The customers wanted oak for its lovely grain and hard-wearing properties. The plan was for them to have a decorator finish the staircase in a black stained finish with a light-coloured carpeted runner up the centre of the stair.


The finished staircase refurbishment looked great. The customer had all the objectives for this job ticked off their list, and the storage was already being used to store all the shoes that used to clog up the hallway!

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