Staircase refurbishment Haywards Heath

the brief

Choosing the perfect staircase for your home can be a difficult task, as the right staircase should be the focal point of your home and bring together the rest of the interiors. 

For this project the client wanted us to turn an existing painted spindle and handrail staircase into a fresher more modern looking piece by the use of hardwood and glass.

action taken

Firstly, the client came to our workshop to select some samples and go through the details of the design. We then arranged a date with the client for when we could start stripping out the old staircase. The hardest part about stripping out a staircase is ensuring that the task is completed as neatly and carefully as possible, to ensure that there is minimal damage caused so that the new pieces can be installed quicker. Also it is essential to carry out projects like this as neatly as possible to keep the clients home as clean as when we arrived. 

As this renovation involved large and expensive sheets of glass we needed to add a template first in their place before commissioning the glaziers to make the finished pieces. The template gave the client the opportunity to look so they could make any changes they wanted before we had finished this project.


The last day on-site is usually the day with the heaviest lifting and in this case, we had to put the glass in place. Once the lifting was over we added the last of the Oak wooden capping’s and then added the coat of protective sealer to the staircase to complete the project.

Do you have a project in mind? Or love this piece so much you’d like to talk about your own staircase? Contact us today.

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