Reclaimed Oak Tables

The Brief

We were initially approached by a local property design company who were looking for some rustic looking reclaimed Oak coffee/side tables to enhance the interior of a beautiful home. We have had a lot of experience working with old timbers and know exactly how to deal with them to create something structural and that is going to last hopefully as long again as the timber while also looking aesthetically pleasing.

Action taken

Dealing directly with the design company meant that they already had designs prepared and this is a stage that we usually do but that had already been completed for us. With the pre-prepared designs drawn up, this meant we could set about sourcing the old timbers. The timbers had to be certain dimensions to work with the design… easy said than done with wood over 200 years old!

Once we had sourced the timber and carefully cut it to the desired size we could start creating the tables. This was a slightly more complex process as even the cutting and machining of the timber needed some thought because when you cut into old timber the cut side is then clean and loses its aged patina so any cut faces needed to face inwards or be under the table.


The finished tables looked wonderful in their final resting place. The house is a very high-end new build along Chichester harbour front, the two tables made from timbers over 200 – 300 years old sat nicely in the living room that was only built a year ago. The contrast made for an interesting look and the customers were delighted with the outcome.

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