The Brief

In this case study, we were tasked with taking out an old oak door and replacing it with a refreshed and refined look. You may now be wondering why… The answer is very simple – the client was just not happy with the previous one.

The original door leaked air and was hard to open and lock, so it was definitely time for an upgrade. They wanted a larger statement front door, with symmetrical sidelights.

Action Taken

Once we got the correct measurements at the house, we then moved to our workshop and got to work on a 1 to 1 scale drawing of the door for the clients to view and approve. 

The approval stage is one of the most important parts of planning, as it gives our clients a better idea of the joinery they’re getting. We understand that it is sometimes hard to picture sizes and components, as well as overall look so we make it a priority to present the idea to the best of our ability. 

Once the sketch was made, we presented it to the client and made sure to discuss all aspects before beginning production. 


Once the door was made, we pre-fitted the door into its frame at our workshop and headed over to the site to finish the job. At the house, we finally removed the old door and replaced it with the new bespoke one.

The finished, fully fitted door and frame looked incredible! When paired with the porch lighting, it perfectly matched the modern look of this newly refurbished home, while also keeping the unwanted noise and drafts away.

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